Distribution & Cabling

Hawkins Electrical's range of switch boards and fused distribution units are built to accept the increased cable sizes that are normally associated with caravan parks and marina installations, where voltage drop has to be combated..

When these distribution boards are installed, it must be remembered that sufficient space must be left around them to provide a safe access to the equipment.

When ordering these main fused distribution boards it is essential to allow for future expansion, and a general guidance rule is to allow for 25% extra space at the outset, which can be fitted with the switchgear in the future.


Main Boards & Distribution Units


With any electrical installation, it is necessary to start from the main supply point. Our range of mains and distribution equipment can be tailored to the individual needs of developments, so that the most efficient and cost effective installation may be provided.


Our units are designed not only for present use, but also with the possibility of any future expansion in mind. This sophisticated switchgear system conceals controls and cable terminations behind the cabinet doors. Switchgear can range from 63A to 1250A and the units are capable of receiving up to 630mm 1 core cables in and 300mm 4 core cables out.


Fused Distribution Equipment


Within any development you may require fused distribution equipment to be installed, and the choice of size and location is extremely important.

As with fused distribution boards at the main intake position, we recommend an allowance of 25% extra space at the outset, which can be fitted with the additional switchgear in the future.

With location it is always best to try and site this equipment on natural boundaries or adjacent to fixed structures. At Hawkins Electrical we do not advise that a caravan parks distribution units should be installed inside buildings like toilet blocks etc, years of experience have shown that free standing external equipment offers a far more flexible system.

A complete range of fused distribution units are available in lockable weatherproof enclosures. These units can allow the terminations of underground armoured cables up to 300mm2 4core, and provide the relevant protection to outgoing circuits. Provision can also be made available for time clocks, photocells and ancillary equipment.



Main Cables


With any caravan park or marina it is inevitable that main cables will be required to supply the system. They play an extremely important role in the operation of your business, and it is therefore imperative that they are installed correctly and maintained.

Where ground conditions are poor, a bed of soft soil or sand should be provided at the top and bottom of the cables to avoid damage. The trench bottom should be perfectly flat and free from obstructions to avoid future cable end shrinkage.

Under roadways and major hard standings, black ribbed ducting should be provided for additional protection, and to allow future access.

Low voltage cables should be installed with a minimum cover depth of 450mm for holiday parks, 600mm cover on touring parks and 300mm above the cable a cable marker tape installed to provide early warning of the cable prior to backfill or reinstatement.

Where underground cables are terminated, this will normally be via a brass or plated gland and locknut complete with PVC overshroud. Conductors will be equipped with compression type connectors, and heat shrinkable.





At Hawkins Electrical we can provide your total cable requirements for an electrical distribution system. Modern day plastics have seen the introduction of XLPE for insulation in place of the older PVC type insulation. This type of insulation is thinner than PVC, and more care is required when working with cables.


Cable Types used by Hawkins Electrical:

XLPE 6491X - Earth cable
XLPE/PVC 6181Y - Main Tails
Armoured cable available in copper or aluminium conductors
Arctic Grade Flexible

Flexible main tails and some marina installations.



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