Periodic Inspection Service

Legislation states that it is the responsibility of every Park & Marina Operator to ensure that their electrical distribution system complies with the relevent regulations. The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) requires that all electrical distribution systems are installed and maintained in a safe condition, and that they are inspected and covered by Electrical installation Certificates for new work, or Reports for existing installations.

Hawkins Electrical have fully trained engineers, using fully compliant and calibrated test equipment, who will provide an inspection report detailing any defects or deviations, and showing their recommendations for any remedial work that may be required on an existing system.

Providing that our engineer is satisfied that the installation complies with the required regulations, a satisfactory report can be issued for the relevant period of time.


Type of Installation

Marina - Up to 1 year

Touring Park - Up to 1 year

Holiday Park - Up to 3 years

Mobile Home Park - Up to 3 years

Some important aspects of any test and inspection are to establish that the system is correctly labelled, identify the circuit distribution, and check the integrity of control devices and earthing systems. Once the test is complete, the Park or Marina operator can relax in the knowledge that the installation has been thoroughly checked



In undertaking the inspection and test, our engineer will compile a report, which will list the deviations.



The Hawkins Electrical inspection and testing service is based on quality. BS7671 allows for a percentage check on the visual inspection. However we do not feel this is adequate in an environment with such high public presence.

Our engineers will therefore visually inspect and test as much of the distribution system as possible. Supplies that enter buildings will be inspected and tested up to the first main switch or isolator only.


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