During the late 1990’s it was clear the demand for electricity was dramatically increasing and many early distribution systems were struggling to cope with these requirements.

Parks and holiday villages were growing exponentially i.e. towns with thousands of supplies, so they required a service over and above what can be delivered by the average installer.

Recognising this requirement Hawkins Electrical formed an infrastructure division which was primarily made up of the industries leading personnel in major distribution networks, who are capable of designing, installing, altering, upgrading and fault finding on installations up to 20,000 kVA.

The investment made by Hawkins Electrical in providing this infrastructure division, shows again the high level of commitment it is prepared to make to give the owners of these networks peace of mind.

Failures and problems on this scale can all too often cripple a business and its reputation. Recovery at this level has to be fast, efficient and requires distribution technicians who have gained a wealth of experience through their career to achieve this.

Hawkins Electrical’s range of switch boards and fused distribution units are built to accept the increased cable sizes that are normally associated with caravan parks and marina installations, where voltage drop must be combated.

When these distribution boards are installed, Sufficient space must be left around them to provide a safe access to the equipment.

When ordering these main fused distribution boards, it is essential to allow for future expansion, and a general guidance rule is to allow for 25% extra space at the outset, which can be fitted with the switchgear in the future.

We offer a range of GRP mains room enclosures to cater for every size of distribution panel. These can be tailored to suit any site and location.

Our range of mains and distribution equipment can be tailored to the individual needs of developments. Our units are designed not only for present use, but with any future expansion in mind.

The sophisticated switchgear system conceals controls and cable terminations within lockable cabinet doors.

Switchgear available ranges from 63A to 1250A with units capable of receiving up to 630mm² single core incoming and 300mm² 4 core outgoing cables.

Infrastructure services offered by Hawkins Electrical include:

  • System design - from arranging a new supply with the District Network Operator (DNO) to designing the low voltage distribution around the park.
  • Design and manufacture of mains panels to suit individual site loadings.
  • Design and supply of GRP mains rooms (pictured above). This includes design and construction of concrete bases for transformers and mains panels.
  • Enhancement of existing park infrastructure to cater for future needs.
  • Supply and installation of Cable


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