Hawkins Electrical Limited, the only hook up manufacturers with experience gained over 5 decades brings you the UNI BOLLARD. The most UNIQUE, UNIVERSAL, UNIFORM bollard available to the leisure industry. The UNI BOLLARD is a complete power and service supply unit. Each unit is easily upgraded through a system of easy access and simple assembly. Manufactured from robust, quality materials each unit will stand the rigours of daily usage and extreme weather for years to come. The UNI BOLLARD is also the fastest of all hook up bollards for access and component replacement and with an 1.5W LED light it's the perfect choice for your site.


UNIBOLLARD offers the following service and supply arrangements:





Television Outlets

Traffic Management

Area Signage


Easy Access and Assembly

The UNIBOLLARD has been specially developed by Hawkins Electrical Limited to allow ease of access and assembly. Maintenance and upgrading of the unit can be completed easily through fast and simple assembly.



Easy Access and Maintenance

The Unibollard has been specially designed with ease of access and serviceability in mind. Assembly and maintenance has never been easier.

1. The top cover is held on by 4 security fixings, remove these with the special tool and lift off lid.

2. With top cover removed, the main isolator should be switched off before proceeding any further.

3. Unplug the light connector (if light fitted).

4. Using other end of special tool supplied locate end on wing nut on chassis and undo three turns. Repeat this on other side of chassis.

5. Using upright plastic stem handles slide modular equipment backwards until outside of reset flap rear case.

6. Slide rear wall upwards for access to rear of bollard.

7. Slide front wall illuminated (if fitted) for access to front of bollard, ensure light connection is unplugged.

NOTE: To re-assemble, repeat the above steps in reverse order.

Please Click Here to download a copy of our UNIBOLLARD brochure.


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