Who Are We?

The eminence of Hawkins Electrical is a result of commitment over five decades to the Leisure Industry. In that time the company has gained more overall experience than any other supplier by bringing together world-wide expertise to provide clients with the most comprehensive service available in providing electrical distribution systems to Caravan Parks and Holiday Villages.

In the seventies, Hawkins Electrical was the first company to provide a specialist nationwide electrical service to the caravan park industry. This was followed in the eighties with a specialist marina electrical service. In the late nineties the caravan park and holiday village industry was burdened with continued growth in electricity demand which has led to the creation of an infrastructure division that specialises in high load operations and major networks.

In the time that Hawkins Electrical has been committed to providing these systems, its designs have set the industry standards for hook up systems.

Hawkins Electrical operates from their complex in Skegness that comprises of over 20,000 sq. feet of offices, storage, production and training workshops.

It is company policy that our Regional Managers are not only experienced, but also fully qualified to the latest regulations. Designs and quotations are carried out on state of the art computer systems. All new electricians are apprentice trained and we ensure our engineers meet the highest standards, we are continually updating their skills in our own training workshops and outside establishments.


Infrastructure Division


During the late 1990’s it was clear the demand for electricity was dramatically increasing and many early distribution systems were struggling to cope with these requirements.

Parks and holiday villages were growing to such size i.e. towns with thousands of supplies, they required a service over and above what can be delivered by the average installer.

Recognising this requirement Hawkins Electrical formed an infrastructure division which is primarily made up of the industries leading personnel in major distribution networks, who are capable of designing, installing, altering, upgrading and fault finding on installations up to 20,000 Kva.

The investment made by Hawkins Electrical in providing this infrastructure division, shows again the high level of commitment it is prepared to make to give the owners of these networks peace of mind.

Failures and problems on this scale can all too often cripple a business and its reputation. Recovery at this level has to be fast, efficient and requires distribution engineers who have gained a wealth of experience through their career to achieve this.

For your next major project entrust Hawkins Electrical to deliver your requirements.


System Design


Hawkins Electrical is proud to offer the most comprehensive design service, available to the client looking for an electrical distribution system, associated hook up and lighting installations, backed by experience.

At the start of any new design it is essential to carry out a detailed survey. Where required this includes looking at the adequacy of the incoming supply for present and future needs.

Depending on the type of enquiry will govern the route and format of design work that will take place. On a completely new project Hawkins Electrical will refer to in-house design criteria based on over forty years experience, to ensure the client will purchase the best of installations.

Where Hawkins Electrical are extending an existing installation, whether it be their own previous design or not, calculations will be undertaken to check what the effect will be on the existing system, and whether upgrade works may be required.


Earthing & Overload System


To reduce the operators problems and ensure that the system is safe and functional, two main areas have to be addressed, Earthing and Overload.

Earthing Systems
There are several types of earthing systems available and usually provided by your Distribution Network Operator, however not all of these are suitable for protecting Caravan Park & Marina type installations.

At Hawkins Electrical our designers ensure that the installation is protected by the most suitable arrangement, offering the safest protection for these special locations.

Overload Protection
In providing a suitable protection system, the designer has to take into account overload and short circuit protection.


Most parks start small and grow. As the supply capacity increases so do the magnitude of the electrical fault levels, it is therefore essential that the correct protective devices are installed to combat these high fault levels. Most park and marina operators have been given the belief that miniature circuit breakers are best and easy to reset. However on main cable and circuit distribution a typical fault level can be up to and in excess of 20,000 Amps, the majority of miniature circuit breakers can only handle 6,000 or 10,000 Amps. Therefore the Hawkins designs use BS88 fuse links for back up, capable of handling these higher fault levels, giving the installation better protection which leads to a longer working life. Again with overload devices, discrimination has to be put into the system to ensure that miniature circuit breakers and overload devices operate in the correct sequence, to avoid nuisance tripping and unnecessary supply interruptions.

You can be assured that Hawkins Electrical System Design takes account of all these requirements that may be ignored by other installers.


Design Specifications & Quotations


Success at Hawkins Electrical is the attention to detail provided at the design and tender stage. We like to ensure there is a clear specification and job description so that the client fully understands in as clear terms as possible what is being provided, how it is being installed, and what the ongoing implications are in operating and maintaining the system.

When providing a quotation Hawkins Electrical provides a fully sectionalised quotation, so that the customer can see how the various costs are accumulated.

It is only when this part of the tender is understood that the client can establish whether alternative quotations are comparable.




Hawkins Electrical has a full range of specialist monitoring devices, that enables us to look at how your installation is performing, this provides;

Operating Voltage

Operating Currents

Power Factor


Surplus Capacity



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